Crate Bench

December 12, 2013 at 2:51 pm / by

A long time ago materials were so scarce that efficiency mandated thrifty design and engineering. The double use of product packaging as a “free” secondary tool was a useful standard.  I had a wooden crate from the forties that originally held some basic hand tools.  Fifty years later I was holding a cast iron engine block cradled in that crate while I shifted things around for a few months – outside in the snow and rain!  The physics behind something that was simply a shipping package being so solid fascinated me.  Recently I got a used mill/lathe combo from a friend and immediately had to move it.  This turned out to be a huge pain and I vowed that it would be a piece of cake any time in the future.  So on a larger scale I mimicked that old oak crate to make a standard height bench that can be flipped over to hold the tool for transport and has ball transfer casters on both the top and bottom for shifting the heavy thing around either inside the crate or on the bench. dp1



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