metal secrets

March 3, 2014 at 10:54 pm / by

The secrets of metal are the same secrets as cooking… chemistry.  I’ve known the properties of metal almost to an intuitive degree for almost two decades.  The molecular bonds that you can almost see when the temperature hits the right color are the same as vinegar and oil after salt and pepper break their surface tensions.

I have been dying to try a damascus or mokume gane for years thinking that the concepts have to be locked into the heat control.  The world is flat now so no secrets between those who might care…  The active ingredient is the ACID!!!  The surfactant properties allow for a solderless bond between two similar metals.  Facilitated by temperature control of course.

The word “flux” has ineffable connotations.  It means pause and movement at the same time.  Flux is an acid that can pause the molecules causing surface tension in the metal and tell them to move together when the temperature drops.  Having glued metal with “lower alloys” countless times using precisely the same temperature range…. I’m basically amazed that it works without the third metal in the simple action of eliminating air during the temperature changes.  Sorry to dork out on anyone reading this but to me its frankly amazing.  A wise man once told me that air is one of his favorite liquids, reminding me of the relativity in temperature and chemistry.  Really quite a shame the math of it all is so definitive and intimidating because the conceptual and visual is really fascinating.



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