What is Syncronomix?

Mix: To unite or blend, combine, or join into one mass or compound.
Synchronicity : Causally unrelated events occurring together in a meaningful manner.
Syncronomix: There is nothing new under the sun, however there are daily many new arrangements to be made.


Mike Schiavone/Manager


A varied career background in manufacture and production have allowed for the study, disassembly and modification of many products as well as the sequence of finish. The design and use of materials ranging from gold and precious stones to vinyl application as well as nearly all standard construction medium and their various limitations ease in the design for necessary and beautiful products. These professional career steps became interests leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design.
Along with the art and art history criteria for the professional studies program, I have had the opportunity to learn and work under many artists and craftsmen including an internship at Nik Mills Studio. The eclectic tooling in this shop represented the extremes of design and production using z-program cnc, delicate TIG welding, and precast concrete fountains. Working for artists has helped complete the education for this degree in terms of conceptual balance and emphasis in design.
At Syncronomix LLC the clear communication of ideas before production requires visualization and often a working prototype. We use isometric views in drafting, shaded rendering and even multi-layered sketches in order to clearly identify overrun issues and to help move projects into prototype and production. The many types of manufacture and technology are constantly moving forward easing production. Efficiency in design needs to be planned in from the beginning to create a beautiful and quality product.