Design Intent


Synchronicity : Causally unrelated events occurring together in a meaningful manner.

Mix: To unite or blend, combine, or join into one mass or compound.

Syncronomix: There are no things really new, however new arrangements give us meaning.


Mike Schiavone/Manager

I have had the opportunity to learn and work under many artists and craftsmen including Roland Bernier and Nik Mills Studio. The tooling in Nik Mills Studio represented the extremes of design and production using z-program cnc, delicate TIG welding, and precast concrete fountains. Working for artists has helped create the balance between logistics and emphasis in design.  I believe the clear communication of ideas before production needs visualization and often a working prototype. Isometric views, drafting, computer rendering and even multi-layered sketches help to clarify issues and help move projects into prototype and production. Efficiency in design should to be planned in from the beginning to create a beautiful and quality product.